Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Send An Unsolicited Resume To A Potential Employer

Different people have different views on unsolicited resumes. Some believe they can turn off a potential employer and some believe they can win them over. The truth is that both are true, but the result depends on the hiring manager. In this article we’ll discuss some of the reasons why you should send an unsolicited resume to potential employers.

Limited competition

When a vacancy is advertised publicly a lot of people can apply for it and this normally results in stiff competition. Hundreds or even thousands of people can be vying for the same job and as such it’s difficult to stand out. With an unsolicited resume there’s far less competition since most people only apply for jobs that have been advertised. This can work in your favor because the fewer the candidates the higher your chances of being hired.

Lucky timing

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Send An Unsolicited Resume To A Potential Employer

Often times a position opens up in an organization unexpectedly. If you send an unsolicited resume and you have all the required qualifications, you might be lucky to be considered for the position even before the vacancy is advertised. Another instance is where an employee has resigned and is serving notice. Sending an unsolicited resume can prove beneficial to them as they don’t have to go through the hassle of advertising the job, screening hundreds of resumes, and then interviewing a number of candidates, which can be tiring. Your timing in this case is mostly due to good fortune and as such there’s no formula. However, many companies hire when they’re entering a new financial year and some just at the beginning of a new year. So you can take an educated guess so as to send your unsolicited resume at a time when most hiring is done.

Shows initiative

By sending your resume to potential employers you show them that you have initiative with your career which is a desirable quality in the workplace. This might give you an edge over other candidates when a job opens up in future. In other rare cases, if your resume and application letter are extremely brilliant an entirely new position might be created just for you. But it’s worth mention that this is a long shot.

If you do decide to send out an unsolicited resume you should make sure that you address it appropriately and don’t be too general. Do a bit of research on the organization to which you’re sending your resume? You should also target managers in specific departments other than those in human resource. Many managers like to be involved in making the decision on whom to hire in their departments. You can also make a courtesy call just to get the attention of a potential employer to introduce yourself and to put a voice to the resume you sent. Sometimes this is enough to capture the attention of a prospective employer.

In summary, ethical self-promotion in your resume or CV is characterized by:

  • honesty
  • a clear understanding of your strengths
  • a good understanding of the position in which you are interested
  • an ability to relate your knowledge, skills, attributes and experience to the needs of an employer
  • an appropriate level of professional confidence and pride
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