Preparing For a Job Interview – 5 Steps To Make The Interview Flow Smoothly

There’s one thing that seraptes the nervous wreck of a job searcher and a relaxed, interview savvy employee. That is in preparing for a job interview. Job interview preparation is crucial to your interview success and can also help calm the nerves dramatically.

Here are a few tips for preparing for a job interview.

1. Research some common interview questions.

If you know what you will be asked, it’s easier to prepare answers so that you don’t worry about what you’re going to say. The more you prepare for the questions, the more relxed you’ll be when they crop up. Remember, there’s many job interview questions that could come up, so prepare for the tricky ones as well as the obvious ones. One of the most popular questions on the interview is “Tell Me about yourself” How to answer to this questions read here.

2. Know the company

There’s nothing more offputting than a candidate that knows very little about the company they are apllying to work for. If you haven’t bothered to do at least some basic research, then how can you expect the employer to think that you’ll be interested in the job for any other reason than money?

3. Know the job role

Preparing for Interview This doesn’t mean your contracted hours or location, but actually what your job will entail and how that fits in with your skills. The closer you can match the job to your skills, the better position you’ll be in to convince the employer to hire you.

You can ask ahead of the interview date for some extra info on the job and the company will be more than happy to give you extra info for that reason. It will also look good on you, as you’re clearly keen on the job and show a proactive attitude.

Knowing the job role will also help you to make a decision on whether you wish to accept the job offer, should you be successful in the application process.

4. Get the right attire

Appearance truly is one of the most important parts of the interview. A messy or casual appearance that doesn’t tie in with other employees or the people taking the interview will make you look unprofessional and will almost certainly put you out of a job offer.

If in doubt of what to wear, simply opt for a suit, shirt and tie (for men) and a blouse, knee length skirt and low heels for women. Furthermore, it is always a safe option to have your interview attire ready well in advance, such as the night before. This will save you rushing around so close to the interview and getting flustered or worse still, causing you to be late for the job interview, which is the ultimate nail in the job application coffin.

5. Get lots of sleep and eat a good breakfast

You’ll need to at your absolute best when it comes to the interview, so lots of sleep and a good, healthy breakfast will put your mind into the sharpest gear. This is going to help you so much when it comes to those difficult questions you weren’t expecting…and with an alert mind you’ll be able to thing much quicker on the spot.

Equally, if you drink alcohol in the evening, try to leave it alone on the night prior to your interview. You might not always think it, but the slightest amount of alcohol can cause a sloppy performance the next day and you will never be as sharp as you would without having had a drink the night before. Plus, even a small drink the night before can linger on you and could be picked up by the employer…which is game over if they smell any trace of alcohol on your breath at the interview!

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