Should You Outsource Your Job Search?

After being out a job for about a year and sending out my resume out for what felt like a million times with few interviews to show for it, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. After months of frustration I thought to myself that there had to be another way to go about my job search. I’d spent countless hours tweaking my cover letter and resume as well as combing the internet for every job lead available to me and still nothing. I slowly became a stressed out mess. Would I ever find another job?

I’d heard of people outsourcing their job hunt to companies for a fee, but being unemployed and short on cash, that wasn’t an option for me. I came across a site called Fiverr where people sold various job search related services for only $5 dollars. Services ranging from resume writing to actually searching and apply for jobs for you. I decided to take a chance and outsourced my job search through Fiverr and I was very happy with the results.

Here are some reasons why you should outsource your job search:

Should You Outsource Your Job Search?1. It allows you to have someone with professional experience help you with your job hunting tasks. Many people who work or have worked in human resources will rewrite and review your resume for you. Since they know exactly what potential employers are looking for. Here are some resume and cover letter services to look into:

  • Cover Letter Creation
  • Resume Creation or Editing
  • Have someone be a Professional Business Reference

2. I ended up hiring someone to search and apply to jobs for me. Having someone look and apply for jobs for you will free you from the day to day stress of job hunting. In outsourcing my job searches, I made life less stressful. I was an anxious mess and job hunting became a daunting task. Because I did not have to spend time worrying about sending out applications and tweaking resumes and cover letters I focused on things like gaining knowledge in other areas that would help me.

3. Once I ended up getting called for an interview I knew I would need some help. I never liked to go on interviews and always felt I never could have done better. I turned to Fiverr and found someone who provided behavioral job interview coaching. Having someone who actually worked as a recruiter to help go through the mock interview process was an asset. I felt more prepared than ever before. And after a successful interview I made sure to follow up with a professionally written Thank You Note.

Should you outsource your job search? Well I landed a job not too long after incorporating these services into my job search. Did I get hired because I outsourced my job search? Maybe. All I know is that I am happy I did.

This will give the impression that you took time to learn about the company. Just don’t make the mistake of relying on your notes to answer most of the questions.

Vocalize in the shower or in your car on the way to the interview to warm up your vocal chords and prevent your voice from sounding sounds tight and creaky.

Be on time for the interview. It’s better to be a bit early than a minute late. Being early will also give you time to relax and gather your thoughts before the actual interview.

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