How To Find Your Next Job Through Networking

Despite changes in society and the adoption of online job search tools and sites, networking with people is still one of the best ways to find a job. Following are a few steps on how to find your next job through networking.

List down people in your network

Before you can start searching for a job through networking you need to make a list of the people within your network. Make a list of all your high school, college, church, and work friends and try to note down the field that each one is in and how they can help you. Concentrate on how you can relate to them so that you build strong relationships with them.

How To Find Your Next Job Through Networking

Engage with people within your network

Once you have the list of people within your circles the need to start approaching them. Note that you need to have a clear idea of what you want from each person before you start engaging them. It’s a good idea to start with your references as these are people who endorse your character and abilities, so they can be of great help to you. You should be specific about what you want when engaging people though. Specificity allows people in your network to actually help you because they have a better understanding of exactly what you want.


Work on building relationships

Networking is all about building relationships which can benefit you in the job market. You should try to socialize with various people within your network so that your setup a good rapport. Don’t seem too desperate and pushy about your goals. Just be natural and try to relate to others. If you’re reaching out to a professional, you don’t know well you shouldn’t take up too much of their time; be respectful and state your intent. If it’s an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while take the time to catch up with them first before stating your intent. In so doing they don’t feel used.

Work on improving your communication skills

You may be skilled in other areas but if you don’t communicate effectively you may find that you’re unable to build relationships and to understand other people. By improving your communication skills you’re equipping yourself with the tools to grow your network, connect with people, and thus enable others to help you in future.

Follow Up

You should make it a habit to keep your contacts updated on how your job search is progressing. It shows that you’re serious about finding a job and it also acts as a reminder in case they may have forgotten that you asked them to help you find work. If you do get called for an interview you should notify the person who made you aware of the opportunity so as to keep them updated. After the interview you should make it a point to let them know how it went and to thank them. If the person is your reference you should let them know that they might receive a call from the prospective employer. In case someone promised you an opportunity or told you that they are aware of some opening somewhere you should call them and follow up to find out the status. Don’t be shy but at the same time don’t bug people too much. If you follow up too much you may become a nuisance and as a result lose out on some opportunities. Try to keep the process of networking as fun as possible. You could end up making lasting friendships in the process.

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