Go For “Job FIND”

The one critical factor you MUST remember is that job search is a constant activity. If you wait until you’re out of work, you waited too long. If that’s the situation you’re in, you have no choice but to start there. But you can do better next time! Here’s how.
A very select group of job seekers make it look easy. They always get the jobs everybody wants. Only three simple things make them different:
Go For "Job FIND"Step 1: Choose a direction
Step 2: Work toward it
Step 3: Write a killer cover letter
Step 4: Add a great resume
Step 5: Distribute both
Step 6: Crush the job interview
Step 7: Deliver

  1. They know where they want to go. They work on purpose toward a goal.
  2. They use their current jobs to build their resumes to help them take the next step.
  3. They know how to stand out in the process.

Unlike most people, they’ve learned how to follow the simple 7-step plan you see to the right. Job search frustration isn’t all your fault. Nobody taught you how to do this…until now.

While you’re employed, or if you’re “between opportunities”, spend a little time figuring out where you want to go. Most people don’t, so they stay stuck in jobs they hate. Resources at Job Search Guidepost can help.

Once you know where you’re going, you gotta get there! That starts with using your CURRENT job to get you ready for the next one. If you just show up and collect a paycheck, you’re making a big mistake, even if your salary is great.

Position yourself for your next move, then do what consistent job winners do. They use a two-part strategy to blow everybody else out of the water. I can’t describe it all here, but here’s an overview:

Part 1: Play the job search game.

Write a “generic” resume in a typical professional format and “resume speak”. Submit it through typical channels. Follow the HR rules to make them happy and get an interview. If you get an interview, prepare for all possible questions, even stupid ones. Keep your cool and ask for the job.

Now, listen very closely. That’s the background process. Kick it off and let it run on autopilot. That’s all the effort it’s worth. You might get lucky, but you have less than a 10% chance of getting a job this way.

You should spend almost all your time on your real secret weapon that can obliterate your competition and get you your dream job FAST…

Part 2: Break the rules.

Write a professional but radically different resume (it SHOULD use personal pronouns). Go around HR by sending it via FedEx to the person you’d be working for. In your cover letter, promise to follow up. Keep that promise.

When you get the interview, tell them ahead of time to have a whiteboard in the interview room. At your first opportunity, ask your interviewer what you’ll be working on in the new job. Then offer some ideas about how you would get that done. But stop short of giving them all the answers. Make ’em hire you to get the goods!

They gotta PAY for that! Show them how you think. Prove what you can do. Then make ’em hire you to get the goods.

Part 2, the secret weapon, IS work. But if you implement it well, you can crush your competition before they even have a chance. It’s not a fair fight!

Shockingly effective job search is about more than posting a resume online and waiting for the phone to ring. It’s about being impressive as you look for a new opportunity, as you go after a particular one you’ll love and as you deliver outrageous value in your new job (yes, you need to do that).

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