How to Build a Resume That Gives You an Unfair Advantage

More than 90% resumes and cover letters don’t satisfy hiring manages. The problem is that they don’t address the hiring manager’s needs. They’re built for the writer, the job applicant, not the reader, the hiring manager. So lots of accomplishments that look impressive to the writer are actually negative cues that show the recruiter that the applicant doesn’t understand the job opening.

Here’s a couple of tactics, how to build a resume that becomes the one to beat for the job:

1. Use recommendations strategically in your resume. No one else does. So that will set you apart immediately. And they provide social suasion. We listen to each other’s opinions. Moreover, they’re surprisingly easy to find or to collect. Here’s how.

When you first send out your networking letter, don’t just ask for job leads. Ask for a few comments you can share publicly. Go over your performance reviews and appraisals. Collect testimonials from co-workers, clients, your supervisor, and others. Use LinkedIn. It has a built-in function to ask for testimonials (give before you ask and you’ll get a better response).

Then, use them. Plan how to build a resume that features recommendations throughout or put them right after your summary.

2. Use a functional resume. First, it’s different. It will interrupt the recruiter’s normal scanning process which may get your resume a couple of extra minutes face time. Second, it’s really great if you need to hide your age, time away from work, or job hopping.

Don’t list your jobs by date. Instead, arrange your capabilities and by category. Each category includes accomplishments from many jobs. Don’t even list dates. How to build a resume using the functional format (parens are for your info, don’t include in resume):

(Name,centered on page) Johnny Bullet
(Summary, centered on page) Innovative Teacher who has created programs to improve personalization of education without increasing…
(Skill category 1) Classroom Skills
(Accomplishment or Transferable Skill) Named Science Teacher of the Year by…
(Accomplishment or Transferable Skill) 67% of students brought up their scores in…
(Skill category 2) Curriculum Innovation
(Accomplishment or Transferable Skill) Appointed to Curriculum for the New Century…
Education (List your education at the top if you’re a recent graduate).

This is very good news for you. Every job applicant you’re competing against submits the same two docs – a resume and a cover letter. And most don’t know how to do the simple things to make either stand out. Imagine your advantage when both of yours are completely optimized to make the phone ring.
Here’s how you can easily make yourself the candidate to beat for each job you apply to:

3. For each resume, do just a few small things that added together make your job packet impossible to put down.

4. Automate your process so you can build a resume is so easily and so rapidly that you don’t think twice about creating an optimized resume for EVERY APPLICATION (instead of just using the templates that all your competition is submitting).

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